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You Cannot Manage

What You Do Not Measure 

- Scott Gillingham,DVM,D. ACPV


The MAXIMUS Solution is a state-of-the-art upgradable system for poultry, hog and dairy farming. 



The Maximus is a centralized controller system that simplifies farming facility management. Whether your facilities are for poultry farming, hog farming or dairy farming, the Maximus will track the state of your infrastructure and automate tasks based on your criteria.

Climate control

Environment Control


Water management

Feed management

Bin weighing

Standard curve

Hog Sorter



Maximus Biosecurity

Generator Monitoring


Power consumption

Start to end flock management

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Brain in the barn,
brain in your hand,
brain in the office. 

- Tom Stein, DVM, MS, PhD

The Maximus Software platform is an information-system
for livestock data. It provides detailed information about your productivity and the state of your livestock. It's real time data, allowing you to make real time adjustments to minimize risk and maximize results.  The best part is that Maximus Software can be integrated into
the Maximus controller.

Maximus Software is a cloud-based application.
That means you can use it from anywhere,
as long as you have Internet :

  • your desktop

  • your laptop

  • your tablet or smartphone

​Such versatility and flexibility means less stress for you and better results for your farm.  

Maximus Software Platform is a tool to aid livestock producers in decision-making that provides summary and detailed results of technical and economic performance data to help them and their employees improve livestock management. 

​Maximus Software is a Web-based suite of applications that can be integrated with the MAXIMUS Controller System.
All you need is an Internet connection.  
Multiple devices are supported (PC, iPad, Mac, tablet, smartphone).  

An important
part of the MAXIMUS 
management system 

Maximus Hog Sorter Features

  • Pig-friendly open design.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel.

  • Longer interior cage for heavier pigs.

  • Stainless steel checkered door with anti-lay down bar.

  • Top mounted load cells for trouble free service. 

Unique Maximus Hog Sorter Options

  • Heavy pigs sort option – Allows to move pigs into the shipping pen even if the number of required pigs has been reached.

  • Continuous flow option – Allows to start moving pigs from one pen into the other for all the sorters at the same time. This option also allows the user to keep inventories of all the pens. 

  • Full access to the Maximus sorters using your smartphone or tablet. 




Ease of Use of the Maximus Hog Sorter

  • Proper pen layout will save on equipment costs and create a stress-free environment that will allow pigs to live up to their genetic potential.

  • All sorters are wired to the Maximus controller.

  • Easy-to-follow Maximus set up wizard.

  • Bypass switches allowing manual opening or closing of the gates.

  • Maximus can help with the sorter pen designs of any facility. 

How to Sort Successfully

  • Entrance gate sensor – weighing starts once gate is closed for accurate weighing.

  • Training made easy – use the timed sorting option for fast learning.

  • Exit gate sensor – entrance gate only opens once the exit gate is closed to ensure that there is only one pig in the sorter at a time.

  • Sorter gate sensor – to ensure that the sort gate is in the proper position before opening the exit gate, eliminating light pigs in the shipping area. 


to your phone

Take advantage of the MAXIMUS alarm system.
MAXIMUS can send out text messages and emails
for parameters exceeding their normal operating range​

BioSecurity 2.png

Biosecurity Is Your Responsibility

The Maximus Biosecurity system was designed to facilitate control of all pathogens that could cause diseases in livestock, and those that are related to food safety and human health.  This standard provides for the application of the following principles:

​Segregation : Use of barriers.
Sanitation : Cleaning and washing activities.
Flow Management : Set of measures taken to prevent the cross-contamination of uninfected pigs by organizing the flow of pigs, people, and materials within a farm or production system. Log and record keeping.

Humans are one of the main contamination vectors in livestock. 
All family members, employees, essential service providers, and local or foreign visitors can carry pathogens on their boots, clothes, or body, and are thus pathogen vectors.

The Maximus System Does All Of The Above and More!

  • Sophisticated access and movement control for employees, service providers, visitors.

  • Establishment of restricted access zones and restrictions.

  • Respect for the sequence and direction of movements from one production site to another to avoid risks of pathogen transmission.

  • Automatic log keeping, in real time, of all comings and goings indicating people, places, and time

  • Option of remotely monitoring, in real time, all movements on your production sites, and of customizing settings via your smart phone.

Maximus Biosecurity Is The Solution

  • Establish a controlled access zone.

  • Inside facilities with potential animal contact, restrict access to essential people.

  • Respect the unidirectional movement through the barn, going by age sequence from younger to older animals.

  • Maintain an employee and visitor log including the date and location of the most recent pig or other animal contact.

Maximus - Biosecurity

Maximus - Biosecurity

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