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The Maximus Group Housing Electronic Sow Feeding System
is fully integrated with the Maximus Controller on your farm. Maximus uses all of its technology associated with controlling
your ventilation, feed, lighting and alarm systems to now also feed and monitor your gestating sows in the best most animal friendly pen setting. Instead of just housing sows together and individually feeding each sow, we work with producers to develop and design
the best environment for the sows. Our experience has proven that when sows are penned together in an environment that reduces stress, aggression, and competition, the need to separate sows
by parity, provide extensive pre-training and continually sort and remix sows is both unnecessary and detrimental for animal welfare.

Group Housing

ESF System


Perfectly ties together with your Maximus Controller and whole management system.

• Communicates with the rest
of your feeding system, bin scales, chain disk...
• Has the ability to notify you with an alarm immediately if any part
of the system needs attention.


Maximus group housing - ESF system provides the most durable and safe environment for sows in a group housing setting.

• Specifically designed to reduce competition for feed using the sows’ normal, natural behaviors.
• Adapts to any retrofit or new construction.
• Reduces the need for pre-training.


• Precise and customizable system.

​ • Operates and feeds sows without relying on Bluetooth, wireless, or router technology.
• Uses the same low voltage communication and DC power to operate as the Maximus controller.


The most important factor affecting the reproductive performance of sows in a group setting is the ability to accurately feed individual sows in an environment that is safe and comfortable for the sows.

• Data is accessible, like everything controlled
by the Maximus, via the web 24/7.
• Monitors and measures accurately and in real
time gestation feed intake per sow.
• RFID tag readers allow you to precisely and individually feed sows.
• iPad technology allows for easy, employee-friendly adjustment and monitoring at the sow/pen level.


​Based on experience in group housing and measuring animal behaviors and welfare, Maximus has developed sound and repeatable criteria for its group housing - ESF system.
• 20 square feet per sow.
• 15 sows per feed station.
• 15 sows per water station.
• Static system – post preg check.
• 2 sets of double feed stations per pen.
• Clearly designated / separated eating area, watering area, sleeping area, and dunging areas with each pen.
• Solid fencing (partially solid) and divider panels to maximize sow comfort and safety.
• Total slatted flooring.
​• Lights above feed stations on 24/7

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